Jiuwanxi(Jiuwan Brook)



The Jiuwanxi(Jiuwan Brook in English) is 20 kilometers away from the Three Gorges Dam. Althogh it’s not far from the Sixi, it has little similarity with the scene in Sixi area. There is a long and beautiful brook which is divided into two parts for drifting. During the first part, you’re able to share the boat with another person drifting down the torrent, and in the second part, only can you take a sightseeing boat to run across the Jiuwan valley, enjoying some startling sights such as the Land Crack, Wangfu Stone and the Fairy Mountain. Drifting down the Jiuwanxi Brook, you’ll have the experience that the boat with wings.How dangerous and stimulative it is! Therefore, the Jiuwanxi Brook is called “the first driftage in the Three Gorges region” by Chinese and foreign tourists.



Jiuwanxi used to be the place where the great patriotic poet Quyuan gave lectures and planted orchid long long ago. Along the way to Jiuwanxi from Zigui new county town, you can see many natural landscapes such as  Divine Ox Spring, General Rock, Beauty Shinning, Scissors Cliff and Monk Rock etc. Also, you can see some cultural landscapes, which are close to Quyuan named Wendianshenjian (Asking God Stele), Tanbao(Rostrum   Hill), Shenuishi(Divine Tortoise Rock), Juyufang(Huge Fish Rock), Qiuzhibei(Asking for Words Stele), Yanwotai (Ink Stone), Bifengshi( Brush Pen Stone) and Lingzhishi (Lucid Ganoderma Rock) etc.

This is another exellent place for drifting, if you’re fond of exploratoin, don’t miss the Jiuwan Brook! Brook)  digg:Jiuwanxi(Jiuwan Brook)  spurl:Jiuwanxi(Jiuwan Brook)  wists:Jiuwanxi(Jiuwan Brook)  simpy:Jiuwanxi(Jiuwan Brook)  newsvine:Jiuwanxi(Jiuwan Brook)  blinklist:Jiuwanxi(Jiuwan Brook)  furl:Jiuwanxi(Jiuwan Brook)  reddit:Jiuwanxi(Jiuwan Brook)  fark:Jiuwanxi(Jiuwan Brook)  blogmarks:Jiuwanxi(Jiuwan Brook)  Y!:Jiuwanxi(Jiuwan Brook)  smarking:Jiuwanxi(Jiuwan Brook)  magnolia:Jiuwanxi(Jiuwan Brook)  segnalo:Jiuwanxi(Jiuwan Brook)  gifttagging:Jiuwanxi(Jiuwan Brook)
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